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New products for 2018

Cooldelight Desserts are pleased to announce:

Vegetarian Mousse Slices 40g (pre-portioned, tray)
For 2018, Cooldelight Mousse Slices 40g (pre-portioned, trays) have become vegetarian-suitable, with the gelatine ingredient being removed from the recipe.
Easy to use (Thaw in 2 hours from the freezer) and pre-portioned for portion control, this is a "restaurant Quality" cold-dessert, but has portion pricing suitable for most Cost Sector budgets.
Available in 3 flavour options Raspberry / Lemon / Chocolate, Cooldelight Vegetarian Mousse Slices 40g consist of a light, creamy mousse on a sponge base, with a sauce topping.
Packaging is 2 trays of 35 pre-portioned slices (70 slices per case) 2 x 35 x 40g
As well as now being vegetarian-suitable, Cooldelight Vegetarian Mousse Slices also have a guaranteed nut-free status (manufactured in a nut-free environment).

Fruit Crumble Slices 40g (pre-portioned, tray)
Cooldelight Fruit Crumble Slices 40g (pre-portioned, tray), are a unique, hot or cold-dessert idea, perfect for menus in both the Education and Healthcare Sector.
The Fruit Crumble Slices are available in 3 flavour options Apple / Red, Black Berry & Apple / Apple & Caramel and consist of 40g slices of fruit filling, on a pastry base, topped with crunchy crumble.
A case contains two trays of 45 x 40g pre-portioned slices, giving complete portion control, ensuring no waste.
The Fruit Crumble Slices are delivered frozen and just require thawing, which takes approximately 2-3 hours.
Fruit Crumble Slices are contained in an "ovenable" tray, which allows the complete tray of crumble slices to heated in an oven in approx. 15-20 mins, if required hot.
Quick and easy to use, Cooldelight Fruit Crumble Slices has portion costs suitable for most Cost & Public Sector budgets.
Fruit Crumble Slices have a guaranteed "nut-free" status manufactured in a nut-free environment" and are vegetarian suitable."

Events for 2018

Castell Howell 2018 Trade Show 5th Feb – 7th Feb 2018
Llanelli Rugby Club, (Pemberton Park) Llanelli

MJ Baker 2018 Expo – 21st 22nd February 2018
West Point Conference Centre & Arena - Exeter

Ilfracombe Foodservice 2018 Trade Show 5th March – 6th March 2018
Ilfracombe Holiday Park
Sterling Supergroup 2018 Spring Expo – 13th March 2018
Nottingham Belfry Hotel, Nottingham

Blakemore Foodservice 2018 West Midlands Trade Show – 25th April 2018
Walsall FC Bescott Stadium

Country Range Group – 2018 National Conference & Exhibition – 20th June 2018
Liverpool BT Convention Centre

LACA 2018 – National Conference & Exhibition – 10th 13th July 2018
Hilton Metropole – NEC Birmingham
ASSIST 2018 National Conference & Exhibition 23rd August 2018
Hilton Hotel Glasgow
Blakemore Foodservice 2018 East Midlands Trade Show - 26th September 2018
Walled Garden, Nottingham NG9 3DA

Foodservice Options 2018 Catering Show - 10th October 2018
Etihad Stadium, Manchester

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